To each and every last individual whom I have ever had the opportunity and misfortune to consume illegal substances with in a lucid daze of escapism, this piece of writing is dedicated solely to the likes of yourself. May you acknowledge, absorb, self-reflect, resonate and think about all that is expressed within the message of truth and life to which you more than know is present to self. However which way one chooses to react from the truth is merely down to who ever they truly are deep within. I am no one other than a writer with a clear visual reflection of the experience I have endured thus far, my extensive understanding of what has happened throughout the hands of time hold zero blame on another. I am able to realise and accept that within the happenings of life; which is exactly what happens … that is … life and all it’s glory that dawns upon us, every second of every day and has the ability to teach us lessons and grace us with blessings. As one individual travelling alone here on my own path, I am honoured to have the ability to hereby live the daily teachings I am taught and through my talent and self-analytical spectrum of oneself, am able to deliver it in depth and voluntarily vernalise all that has been.